Fair Time In Statesboro

Once again, the fair rolls into Statesboro. Being a senior, it has been very neat to see how much the Statesboro community loves the fair. Growing up around Atlanta, I did not experience the fair very often. I remember it being in town quite often, but I only attended it a few times. It was not as big of an event in Roswell, my hometown, as it seems to be in other places. Whenever I think of a fair, I automatically think of the food. That is where I usually spent most of my money when I would go to the fair. I would always get very excited for the funnel cakes and the fried Oreo’s.

I have a strong urge to attend the Statesboro fair this year due to the fact that I will be graduating in May and have never attended it. It always happens to fall on a very busy time in the semester for me. Every time it comes to town I tell myself it will be the year I go, but I am going to stick to my word this time. A few other reasons I haven’t attended this fair in the past is because of how expensive it is and the traffic to get their. I used to live in Aspen Heights, which is on the way to the fair, and would always dread the traffic. I think the advertising for the Fair is done very well, and it always a huge hit for the Statesboro community.


Happy Homecoming

It is a little bitter sweet entering my last homecoming week at Georgia Southern. Being in a sorority, homecoming has always been a busy and exciting week for me. The most important parts of this week for me are campaigning for our queen candidate and the doodah dance competition. This year Kate Kennon is representing Kappa Delta in running for queen. Our sorority spends the whole week passing out candy and promoting votes to her. Doodah is the dance competition between school organizations. I have participated in it every year, and am looking forward to competing in it one last time this week. The 12 other girls and I have been working very hard for about a month in preparation for this. I think Georgia Southern does a great job putting on homecoming. It gets all the school organizations involved in friendly and fun competition. I plan on attending as many events as possibly, especially the football game to see who gets crowned king and queen.

My days as a Georgia Southern alumni are quickly approaching. As I prepare to leave the school, it is nice to know that homecoming is such a big event for the university. I plan on coming back to see my friends who are still here, as well as bring my family when I am older. Georgia Southern has grown so much over the past years, and I am sure it will continue to do so. I am excited to see how successful homecoming week is this year, and am looking forward to what else the university will do with it in the future.

Superpowers – A Kid Can Dream

Growing up with an older brother, I always spent a lot of time watching superhero movies and TV shows. As a little girl my favorite superhero was always batman, which might seem strange. Looking back, I think the only reason I was such a big fan of him was because I liked his cool car. However, if I were a superhero I would want much more than a cool car. The two main super powers I would want are being invisible and teleportation. I could not count how many times I’ve said the words “I wish I could be a fly on the wall in that room.” If I had powers to go invisible, that problem would be solved. Although this would come in handy the majority of the time, I am sure there are times when I would hear or see things that I don’t want to. The other super power I would like to have are teleportation. Living in Atlanta means I have a four hour drive every time I want to go home for the weekend. On top of the four hour drive, there is usually some traffic involved. Sitting in traffic is one of my worst pet peeves, and I would not have to deal with it if I had the ability to teleport.

The super power that I would hate to have is mind reading. I think peoples thoughts are very personal, and I know I would hate it if someone could read my mind. Also, I feel like the majority of the things I heard from reading someones mind would be things I don’t care about. I would much rather only have to keep up with my thoughts, and my thoughts only.

The New and Improved Michael Jackson

Ever since the issues Georgia Southern faced when the Migos came to campus for a performance, the university has stopping putting on concerts. Although it makes since for the university to want to avoid that problem again, I hope they can start having concerts again in the future. If they were to do this, they would need to put serious consideration into deciding who to have perform. An entertainer who I would love to see perform at Paulson Stadium is Bruno Mars. His music and entertainment style is very family friendly, and people always seem happy when listening to his songs. He has a great public reputation which would reflect very well on Georgia Southern. Since Bruno Mars has never had a bad scandal in the news, I don’t think the university would have to worry about something bad happening like it did in previous years. I also think he would be good to have because his music attracts all ages groups. This would get not only the students to attend, but also the rest of the Statesboro community.

To publicize the event I would send out emails and hang up posters around the community. I would make sure the posters are very appropriate to send off the message that there will not be a repeat of the Migos concert. I would make them very vibrant and upbeat, because that is how Bruno Mars is when he performs. It would be important to have the date, time, location, ticket price, and a picture of Bruno Mars. I think another good way to get the students and community to attend would be having a discount ticket price if tickets were bought in bulk.


PRCA 3330 Blog 5

For as long I as can remember, one of the most famous icebreaker questions on the first day of classes was asking three things I would bring if I were to get stranded on an island. My answer to this question has definitely changed over the years. When I was younger, my answer most likely included things like candy and my favorite toy. However, I now have a more practical answer to this popular question. The three things I would now bring if I were stranded on an island are a pack of matches, a bottle of iodine, and a hunting gun. I would use the pack of matches for multiple things such as starting a fire to stay warm, cook food, and signal to airplanes for help. The bottle of iodine would be to purify water to make it safe to drink. Lastly, I would use the gun to hunt for food.

If I could pick one person to be stuck on an island with it would, without a doubt, be my dad. He has hiked almost all of the Appalachian Trail and has lots of experience being out in the wilderness. He was also the one who taught me the trick about purifying water with iodine. In addition to his camping and hiking experience, he is also a very handyman. He was an engineer his whole life, and has a good eye for fixing and building things. All of these traits about him would help me survive on an island. He also has a great sense of humor and would make that hard time a little more enjoyable.

PRCA 3330 Blog 4

Hurricane Irma will definitely be a week I always remember. Before the storm even came, it was the hot topic of talk for weeks. Being from Atlanta, I never knew much about hurricanes. However, going to school in south Georgia made me a little more educated on them. My first experience with a hurricane was last semester when Matthew hit. School was cancelled and we were told to leave town if possible. I packed up my things and went home for a long weekend. I was not too upset because who doesn’t want a few days off school? However when I saw the damage the storm had done to towns I had friends and family in, I felt awful for them.

I was under the impression that Hurricane Matthew was going to be the worst storm I will encounter, but that changed when Irma came through. All media outlets began reporting about Irma weeks in advanced. I think by doing this they saved a lot of lived. People were able to prepare their homes and get out of town with plenty of time before the storm hit. Being a student, the main talk about the storm I heard was if school was going to be cancelled or not. The university told us Thursday that school would be cancelled until through the following Tuesday. We were then informed later that the university would be closed the remainder of the week. I was nice having a whole week off and being able spend time at home. I was following the storm very closely with my parents back home. Seeing all the damage the storm had done made me very upset. Luckily, I don’t think Statesboro got the storm as badly as expected. There was damage from trees and power outages, but I think it could have been a lot worse had the storm stayed on the expected path. I am thankful that this storm is over, and am praying for all the individuals who’s homes were effected by it.

PRCA 3330 Blog 3

Although I don’t have any written documentation of a bucket list, I have had one my whole life. It is interesting to look back and see how it has evolved from when I was a little girl to now being a senior in college. In high school I finally made a set mental list of things I want to do in my lifetime. I think these thoughts came at this time because I was more exposed to the internet than ever before. I was able to see all the cool things that were possible around the world. A few items on my bucket list are to go skydiving, get scuba certified, throw a surprise party, travel around Europe, and to ride an elephant. I have been fortunate enough to complete two items on my list, throwing a surprise party and travel around Europe. Since I am only 21, I think that is pretty good.

The first item I crossed off was throw a surprise party. I planned one for my best friend’s birthday in high school. The next item that I just recently crossed off my bucket list was travel around Europe. I was lucky enough to study abroad this summer in London; and traveled to Paris and Rome. As I enter my twenties, I hope to cross off some more items in the next few years. The two items I am going to focus on getting done next is going sky diving and getting scuba certified. The elephant riding is a far reach, but I hope someday it happens.

PRCA 3330 Blog 2

Pet peeves are one of those traits that differ from person to person. However, everyone has them. Like everyone else, I have a few. The most bothersome pet peeve I have is people who chew their food loudly or with their mouth open. I feel like everyone is taught at a young age to chew with their mouth closed, but apparently it is forgotten a lot. It is a very awkward thing when someone is doing this around me because I feel rude telling someone that their chewing is annoying me. They can’t help it, right? However, I think that is up for debate. Since it bothers me, I try and be cautious about my chewing when I am around people.

This summer I discovered another pet peeve that I have. It is not as intense as the chewing, but it got to me this summer while was studying abroad. People who don’t know how to use deodorant. I have never really noticed this bothering me before, but on the tube in London everyone is very close to each other. If someone had any body odor it was very noticeable. By the end of my five week trip, it was driving me crazy. Every time I was walking down to the tube, I would say a little prayer that the person I was standing next to remembered to put on deodorant. Being back in Georgia, I get a lot more personal space so the pet peeve has gotten better. However, I am sure next time I encounter someone with bad body odor, it will still continue to bother me.

PRCA 3330 Blog 1

The hype of the eclipse was like nothing I had ever seen before. Individuals were taking off work, getting released from school, and traveling to areas where the eclipse was going to be at full potential. Unfortunately, my experience did not live up to my expectations. I was in Statesboro where it was expected to be at 97%, however the clouds had a different idea. My roommates and I were prepared with glasses, but all we could see was the sky get a little darker due to the clouds covering the eclipse.

Although I didn’t get to see the eclipse, I received some amazing pictures from my parents who did get to see it in North Carolina. They went to their friends mountain house for the weekend where the eclipse reached totality. They were able to take their glasses off for a few minutes and saw a large amount of stars. There was also a sunset completely surrounding them. Their experience far surpassed mine, but I am happy they got to see it and that I received a few cool pictures from them.

With the hype of the eclipse being over, I can’t help but wonder if anyone ended up ruining their eyes. It was stressed over and over again that individuals needed to wear the protective glasses while watching it. I saw an article a few days before the eclipse about a man who is still suffering eye damage from looking at the last eclipse. I think the importance of wearing the glasses was stressed a lot this eclipse, so I hope no one made the same mistake this man did.

Crisis Communication: PR & Marketing Firm and Dinner Cruise

Wow, has it already been 4 weeks? Approaching this last week of the trip is very bitter sweet. I am so thankful for this experience and all the friends I have made on this trip. This week we went on a dinner cruise on the Thames river, and then went to a PR ad marketing firm the next day. This dinner cruise was one of the best nights I had on this trip. Everyone was dressed up formally and we all felt very “high class”. There was an awesome singer who entertained us while we all danced on the dance floor at the front of the boat. The best part was towards the end when we went under tower bridge. It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. It was an extremely fun night that I will never forget.

The next morning we went on our last field trip to the PR and Marketing firm. I was not sure what to expect because I had never done anything like this before. When we arrived the workers were all very friendly and welcoming. We sat in a conference room and the employees gave presentations about their jobs and tools that they use when doing PR and marketing. It was very interesting to see how things I am learning about in school were applied in real life. A guy who handles most of the writing for the companies clients had us take a writing test that they give to the majority of the employees at an interview. It was cool to experience that, and it might have even prepared us for when we have to go to job interviews. I like that we ended with this field trip because it was very educational and really pertained to what we had been learning all summer in this class.